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How will Covid-19 impact this year’s housing market?

Navigating the economy & housing market through COVID-19 Image courtesy of: As much as we'd love to predict what the Silicon Valley real estate market will do through the end of this year and into 2021, unfortunately, our crystal ball is on the fritz. We can, however, continue listening to top economic experts, monitor our Santa Clara County real estate stats daily, and be a...

Silicon Valley Microclimates Explained

I’d like to start  by sharing some good news about Santa Clara County. We were recently ranked the HAPPIEST county in California! That’s 1st out of 58 total counties for the state, according to Smart Asset’s 2018 Edition of Happiest Places in America. Not only was Santa Clara County ranked first in California, it made top ten for the United States as a whole! Smart Asset compared U.S counties...

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